14356474 - man and woman working out and running on treadmill in fitness clubWhat’s the Proper Order for an Exercise Routine?
by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute

Tid Bits of Info.

  • It takes approximately 6 weeks for a biochemistry change to occur in the muscle to indicate that a “true” strength gain is occurring.
  • The cardiovascular system can be well trained for most people in 4-6 weeks.
  • Exercise larger muscle masses before smaller muscle groups.
  • Individual goals determine the proper order and exercises of an individual’s exercise routine.
  • Seek the advice and treatment of a Physical Therapist if you need help developing a comprehensive exercise program.

As you plan your workouts, you will normally include a variety of exercises in a given session. The routines vary on different days of the week. Some people have asked if the specific order of exercises will impact the overall outcome of the routine. Consistently following your exercise routine is more important than order, but there are a few things to keep in mind when planning the order.

When planning a routine, remember all three phases of the program: cardiovascular, flexibility and strength development exercises.  The proper sequential order is dependent upon the desired outcomes of the program by the person performing the routine.  The goals of a high school or college athlete are going to be different than those who are in their 50s, 60s or 70s.

Think about how much time you can consistently dedicate to your workout. Most people cannot spend the entire day at the gym and/or performing an exercise routine.    Read more at www.ace-pt.org    http://www.ace-pt.org/2017/08/24/ace-physical-therapy-and-sports-medicine-institute-whats-the-proper-order-for-an-exercise-routine/

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