81869978 - boy falling on roller skates.What is a Bone Bruise?
by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute

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  • Bone bruises usually take longer to heal than soft tissue injuries.
  • Bruising in the bone occurs when there is damage to the bone tissue and bleeding takes place.
  • Most bone bruises are caused by direct trauma but repetitive stress, compressive forces, twisting and other health issues can be lead to the condition.
  • Bone bruises are not diagnosed with a regular x-ray.
  • Physical Therapist are able to treat bone bruises from the acute stage to the return to pre-injury status.

The hitter slides into home plate for another run and then the crowd goes wild. He bruises his knee and has trouble walking but hopes to shake it off in a few days. The pain doesn’t go away. His joint is stiff and swelling. It is possible he has a bone bruise. A blunt trauma caused in a sporting event, a fall, or even an accident can result in a bone bruise that is often more painful and lasts longer than a soft tissue injury. A Physical Therapist can help reduce symptoms and restore the body, but it can take months to heal.

Bones are extremely hard and resilient to stresses and strains of human life.  The human bone is made up of two types of bone tissue, compact and cancellous.  The compact bone is the outer portion of the bone.  It is dense, well-organized, and extremely hard.  If an injury occurs to this compact bone, it is diagnosed as a stress fracture or stress reaction.  Cancellous tissue, is the inner most part of the bone and is a mesh work of bone tissue known as the trabeculae.  The trabeculae are not well organized and not nearly as strong as the compact bone. Injuries to this area of the bone are small areas of damage to the trabeculae and can be classified as a “bone bruise.”     read more at ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute website blog   http://www.ace-pt.org/2017/08/17/ace-physical-therapy-and-sports-medicine-institute-what-is-a-bone-bruise/

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