80851746 - women of low back painTreating Low Back Pain With Exercise
by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute

Tid Bits of Info.

  • Low back pain is the number one reason that causes people to miss work.
  • Approximately 50 billion dollars is spent on back pain in the U.S. every year.
  • Men and women are equally effected by low back pain.
  • Most low back pain will resolve on its own and exercise can help to prevent it from occurring or reduce the time that it effects someone.
  • If you have low back pain or have had it, seek the advice and treatment from a Physical Therapist and have them teach you a good exercise routine.

Backache? You’re not alone. Almost 90% of our country suffers from low back pain at some point. In fact, this is the top reason people miss work. It’s also one of the top reasons people visit healthcare providers. Here’s good news for the pain. Most of the time, low back pathology can be treated with an appropriate exercise routine.

The lumbar spine consists of 5 vertebra located at the bottom of the spine and attached to the pelvis and sacrum. The spine is held together with ligaments and joint capsules which are considered static stabilizing structures. It is highly dependent upon the muscle structure that attaches to the vertebra and surrounds them on all sides of the body for dynamic support. There are studies (on cadavers) that indicate that the spine “crumbles” when greater than 18 pounds is applied to the upper segments. With no dynamic stability from the muscles of the spine and core, the spine is very susceptible to injury.

Between work and home, too many people live a sedentary lifestyle. At the same time, most people do practice an exercise routine that focuses on the lumbar spine musculature. The lumbar spine is shaped like a reverse “C” when someone has proper posture. Read more at ACE-PT.org…http://www.ace-pt.org/2017/12/21/ace-physical-therapy-and-sports-medicine-institute-treating-low-back-pain-with-exercise/

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