33478120 - female high school basketball team playing gameStaying Healthy And Participating In Youth Sports
by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institue

Tid Bits of Info.

  • Many surveys indicate that greater than 50% or all children ages 6-17 participate in at least one team sport.
  • Girls usually go through puberty 10-16 years of age and boys start around 11-12 and complete the process around 17- 18.
  • Body fat and/or body composition may play a role in regulating the onset of puberty.
  • 3 months of “down time” is recommended but does not have to be at the same time.
  • If your young athlete gets suffers an injury, seek the advice and treatment of a Physical Therapist.

Over 21 million youth from ages 6 to 18 compete in a team sport.  Many children specialize in one sport. While they develop their specialized talents and may become superior in that sport to non-specialists, they also increase the risk of injury. In recent years, many healthcare professionals and sports leaders have begun encouraging youth to become “multi-sport” athletes. This would help reduce the negative effect single sports participation can have on the musculoskeletal system and the injuries that occur resulting from the repetitive nature of the participating in the same event day after day.

When compared to the mature male or female, youth skeletons and muscles are more susceptible to overuse injuries in many ways.  Proper training plays a primary role in preventing overuse injuries. Youth athletes are capable of developing strength, but they cannot expect to experience a great deal of muscle hypertrophy (growth) if they have not reached puberty.  Because many children participate in only a single sport, they place a tremendous load on the skeleton and soft tissues of their body.  Their bodies are not developed well enough to handle the stresses and strains of participating in one sport.   Read more at ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute:   http://www.ace-pt.org/2017/08/31/ace-physical-therapy-and-sports-medicine-institute-staying-healthy-and-participating-in-youth-sports/

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