Essential Neck Exercises
by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute

Tid Bits of Info.

  • Whip lash occurs when the head “snaps” forward and backward quickly which leads to injuries to the soft tissue that holds the spine together.
  • Natural aging leads to less flexibility and pliability of soft tissue and the discs lose fluid making the spine more susceptible injury and pain.
  • The use of cell phones and computers can lead to poor neck and shoulder posture.
  • The human head averages a weight of 12 lbs. A forward head/neck angle of 15 degrees puts 27 lbs on the spine and a 60-degree angle loads to spine with approximately 60 lbs.
  • If you develop neck pain, seek the advice and treatment from a Physical Therapist.

Neck pain can range from simply irritating to extremely agonizing. It can be a nagging soreness, a stiffness that impacts the shoulders, or even a pulsing pan that interrupts sleep. Every day some people suffer neck pain and other people injure their necks. There are treatments for neck pain and exercises for preventing neck pain. Once they pinpoint cause of pain, healthcare providers can often help patients resolve symptoms within a few weeks.

The first challenge in addressing neck pain is determining the sources of the pain. The healthcare provider will usually ask a series of questions and examine the patient during diagnosis. Poor posture is a common cause.  Read more at www.ACE-PT.org   http://www.ace-pt.org/2017/12/14/ace-physical-therapy-and-sports-medicine-institute-essential-neck-exercises/

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