running_shoesDo Running Shoes Prevent Injuries?
by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute

Tid Bits of Info.

  • The average cost of a running shoe is approximately $115-120.
  • A running shoe is good for approximately 250-300 miles.
  • Striking the ground with the mid to forefoot has shown promise of reducing the frequency of running injuries.
  • There are distinct differences in men’s and women’s running shoes.
  • If you get injured running, seek the advice and treatment of a Physical Therapist.

Take a quick look at the names and features of popular running shoes, and you’ll see promises for fewer injuries, faster speeds, and more energy. How do you know which shoe will help protect your foot? In the past, the design of the running shoe was usually based on research that suggested that certain shoe characteristics could help to prevent running injuries. Unfortunately, the designs for many contemporary running shoes are not based on empirical research that indicates the designs will actually reduce running injuries. Runner’s will be better off focusing on proper technique and good exercise routines to reduce running injuries.

Running shoes have been designed and produced to eliminate or at least reduce the frequency of running injuries. The multi-billion dollar industry has touted different shoes as the “answer” to many running injuries.  Over the years the focus of the research has been on the amount of cushioning or pronation that a shoe can control.  When someone runs, they hit the ground with a tremendous amount of force.  This ground reaction force (GFR) can be equal to 7x the person’s body weight and the goal of any running shoe is to control this force efficiently and prevent an injury.  read more @

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