71779171 - man training indoorsCore Training…. What Should Be Strengthened?
by ACE Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute

Tid Bits of Info.

  • The “six pack” muscles are really one muscle the Rectus Abdominus and it is very superficial.
  • Functional core strength involves every muscle that attaches to the pelvis.
  • Performing “sit ups” can actually cause low back pain if they are performed incorrectly or as the only “core” exercise.
  • The core should stabilize and protect the spine and enable it to be the “anchor” spot for the lower and upper extremities.
  • Seek the advice and guidance from a Physical Therapist if you need help with a core exercise program.

Look up exercise programs, and you’ll find a variety of articles on core training. While this popular term is sometimes associated with a flat tummy and “six pack” abs, it actually refers to a much more comprehensive muscle structure.  Healthcare professionals that specialize in rehabilitation or training realize that core training is vital for movement, flexibility and overall quality of life. The core musculature is analogues to the foundation of a house.  Without a strong and well-conditioned core, the upper and lower extremities cannot perform properly and are often times more susceptible to injury.

The core musculature has to include every muscle that “attaches” to the pelvis.  The pelvis is the junction between the upper and lower body and the musculature that “attaches” to pelvis can have a direct or indirect effect on other body parts that are commonly injured during everyday activity. These muscles course the body in every direction and are layered in a way that gives them a mechanical advantage to be able to move the body.  These muscles are capable of moving the different body part (s) actively or contracting in a way that produces a force on the joint (s) that helps to control motion and stabilize that body part. Read more at ACE:   http://www.ace-pt.org/2017/11/09/core-training-what-should-be-strengthened/

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