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“The Beat Of My Heart”

February is American Heart Health Month. Every time this year, we are reminded to take care of our hearts by making them stronger. One way to lead a heart healthier life is by increasing your cardio workouts. February is the perfect time to amp up your exercise routine at the gym. The title of the article “Know the Basics of …

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“The New Green Juice”

The latest health trend is not your average cleanse. The “it” liquid at the moment is called “bone broth.” Surprisingly, it’s not as unappealing as it sounds. Followers of the Paleo diet were the first to rave about this detoxifying trend.  Also, Fitness Magazine describes how “the nourishing tonic has reached mass appeal.” The masses are not the only groupies. …

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“The Cognitive Perks To Running On A Treadmill”

It has been proven that running is not only invigorating, but also cranially stimulating. For instance, a run on the treadmill can have memory-boosting benefits.  In particular a study featured in Medicine & Science  reveals through it’s findings that “running on a treadmill can reverse cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s.”  In this study, the subjects consisted of mice experiencing early …

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“Forever Young”

Did you ever hear someone say the sentence, “my grandma is age seventy but is in better shape than most twenty year olds?” Now, this could be a bit exaggerated. However, there is some truth to this. The article “How Exercise Keeps Us Young” featured in the New York Times, Phys Ed section elaborates on the impact that physical fitness …

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“Trending: A Healthier You”

Time to kick off the New Year! It is no secret that January is a popular season to diet and detox. Typically, healthier and slimmer are two buzzwords associated with many NY goals.  That said, dieting is not the only way to reach your new years resolution of losing weight. An alternative for achieving your goal is to follow one …

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