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Check out this article by our very own Dr. Jeanette Coutin on the benefits of trampoline¬†aerobics. Have you ever wondered if there was a workout that could help reverse the aging process and help prevent or cure diseases? Dr. Coutin has been looking for a workout that promises all that and, at the same time, it will leave you jumping …

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Lifting Weights, Twice a Week, May Aid the Brain

One more reason to hit the weights. Studies are showing a significant increase in the brain’s white matter with weight training twice a week. Lifting Weights, Twice a Week, May Aid the Brain – The New York Times

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Short bursts of high intensity exercise can be a very convenient and effect form of exercise. Check out what the latest research is showing us. Scientists Discovered Why High Intensity Interval Training Can Match Endurance Training

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“The New Green Juice”

The latest health trend is not your average cleanse. The “it” liquid at the moment is called “bone broth.” Surprisingly, it’s not as unappealing as it sounds. Followers of the Paleo diet were the first to rave about this detoxifying trend. ¬†Also, Fitness Magazine describes how “the nourishing tonic has reached mass appeal.” The masses are not the only groupies. …

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